DFS at the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks (HNPW 2023) — A photo story

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3 min readMay 11, 2023


HNPW serves as an opportunity not only to connect with our partners in the humanitarian sector but also for our team to come together, present our work, and foster deeper relationships beyond virtual screens. Since its establishment in 2018, DFS has operated as a fully remote organization with a diverse team spanning across continents.

During HNPW, we conducted informative sessions on cybersecurity within the humanitarian sector and addressed the challenge of bridging the gap between technology and decision-makers in nonprofit organizations.

At the Global Information Management, Assessment and Analysis Cell (GIMAC) session focused on Ukraine, we showcased our ongoing efforts in the country, particularly our collaborative publication of monthly Situational Analysis Reports with REACH/Impact Initiatives.

We want to thank everyone who visited our booth, engaged in discussions about our work and expressed interest in potential collaborations. Special thanks to boldcode_, ourlong-term security partner.

Let’s continue our momentum and stay connected. Feel free to reach out to us at hello@dafafriendlyspace.or or partnerships@datafriendlyspace.org.

DFS team at the HNPW 2023
Generative AI participation for Humanitarian Applications — an open session with Humanitarian AI Group
Talking DEEP
Talking cybersecurity.
More than a year of producing Ukrainian Situational Analyses. How is it going, James?
NLP in the Humanitarian Sector
Importance of SDR in the humanitarian analyses.
One of the brains behind the Intelligent Krakens.
Partnerships in motion.
Cybersecurity is human security.
Another brain behind the Intelligent Kraken.
Wonderful team of H2H Network.

Photos by Rishi Jha